Other climbing type places to visit on the internet.

Brooks Ayola Photography - NOT a climbing site, but hey I made this site
so go check out my other work!

1121 Design - Ditto here. This is my website website, huh? Anyway we
specialize in website design for creative pros, all a bit more designed than this mess.

Area Specific Sites:

@ LA - The Guide to Sites Relating to Southern California and Greater Los Angeles

Arrampicata Sportiva - Free World Climbing site from Italy.

Boulderfest.com - Snow Valley Online Bouldering Guide.

Bouldering in Finland - Info and photos from Finland.

boulderxs.de - Come to see tha boulder pleasure (German).

Climb NYC - Climbing and Bouldering in New York City.

Get Lost Adventures - Climbing classes and backpacking trips in Southern California

Jmclimber - Climbing in Begium and Europe.

The Klemmkeil - The "Klemmkeil" is THE German climbing and bouldering site.

Klimb.com - Bouldering/Sport Climbing in Spokane, WA (USA)

Las Vegas Bouldering - Self explanatory I hope.

Mother Rock - So.Cal. climbing mag.

Mr. Bill's Vertical Adventures - Rock and ice climbing in the Pacific Northwest.

New England Bouldering - The complete guide to bouldering in New England.

Planète Blocs - Bouldering in Belgium

RockClimbing.de - German climbing site. Yes, It's in German.

SoCAL Traverse - 24 hour mt. bike race/adventure.

The Small Stones - Southern California's Online Bouldering Mag.

The Short Span - Bouldering in Ireland

Urban Rock Stoney Point - From the makers of Urban Rock the book.

Vertical Jones - The Midwest's Own Climbing Magazine.

Zen Gecko - Bouldering on the island, Koh Tao in Southern Thailand.

General Climbing and Bouldering:

About Climbing - Uh..It's about climbing and stuff.

Adventure Junkie - California climbing site, everything from big walls to Boulders.

Avoca Images - Professional Rock, Ice, Mixed and Bouldering Photos by Jeff Moore

Bigwall.com - Info and beta for Yosemite, Zion, the Sierra and even So. Cal.

The Bouldering Domain - Strictly bouldering, hence the name.

Clean and Climb Comp - Do the right thing at Stoney!

Climbing Magazine

Climberportal.com - More than 850 rated and reviewed links to the best climbing sites on the net.

Climbsearch.com - Climbing and mountaineering search engine and directory.

DiagonalMan.net - Online resource for all things climbing - climb harder!

FunPig - The online outrageous outdoors humor magazine.

Looking Glass Outfitters - Southeast connection. Excellent Outdoor Retailer

Modump Bouldering - Get Strong From Just Watching!

Mountain Cards - Free mountain e-cards.

Rock and Groove - Online climbing mag.

Rock+Ice online - Online version of the popular climbing mag.

RockClimbing.com - Well, it's a big site about rock climbing.

Sharp End Books - Variety climbing site with book samples.

Stone Crusade - The Fab 50 Tour with John Sherman.

TGRS Productions - Climbing Films - Filming nomadic tribes on temples of adrenaline.

TopBouldering - General world wide bouldering info page from Sheffield England.

TopRope.com - Uncompromising Climbing Readability.

WebClimbing.com - Killer climbing site Featuring news,
   slide shows, forums, screen savers, cartoons... and more!

WebCrag.com - Your complete climbing resource.

Climbing Gyms:

Boulderdash - Indoor climbing gym in Thousand Oaks, Ca.

Desert Rock Sports - Climbing shop and home of Power House Gym Las Vegas.

Hangar 18 climbing gym - Southern California's finest climbing gym.

Philadelphia Rock Gym (PRG) - Philadelphia's top rock gym.


G.R. - More climbing holds.

Groperz - The best value in climbing holds.

Nicros - Holds and training systems.

Passe Montagne - Textured walls and holds.

PetroGrips - Real rock holds!

PME - Uh...climbing holds.

Pusher - And again, holds.

Tenze - Climbing holds.

Personal Sites:

Johnny Dawes - The original Stone Monkey or Leaping Boy

NoaH Kaufman - Bouldering in Virgin Gorda (US virgin islands) & Yosemite's Ahwahnee Area.


BlueWater - Ropes, harnesses, and such.

Boreal USA - Uh...shoes.

La Sportiva - Shoes and boots.

Maxim Ropes - Uh...Ropes and stuff.

Misty Mountain - Harnesses.

Pad Industries - Bouldering pads and more! (nice folks too).

Patagonia - Adventure clothing.

Petzl - You know who they are.

Stone Age - Climbing gear.

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